How to match the color of the clothes

The easiest way to match clothes in history!

How to match the color of the clothes!

With striped tops, stylish wear, wild

1) Warm colors: red, orange, yellow, pink

2) Cool color: blue, blue, purple, green, gray

2) Intermediate color; black, white, coffee

Color matching principle:

1. cool color + cool color

2. Warm color + warm color

3. Middle color wild

4. Solid color + solid color

5. Net color (solid color) + noise

6. Solid color + pattern

Color matching taboo

1. Cool color + warm color
2. Noise + noise
3. Pattern + pattern

Matching method:

Lively, confident and cheerful: up and down

Generous and serious: shallow and shallow

Highlight top: pants color> top color

Highlighted trousers: top color > pants color

The top has a horizontal pattern, and the trousers cannot wear vertical stripes or plaids.

When the top is large or complicated, wear a pure color trousers.

When the solid color of the middle color is matched with the solid color, add some small accessories and feel fashionable.

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