Do You Know These Things in the London Fashion week

London is one of the birthplaces of trend creation. Here, style of fashion by a talented designers are given full play to the prosperity of the clothing design industry was born. Whether on a T-shaped stage, or in the city’s famous restaurants, bars, nightclubs or on the streets, the city is carrying out a wonderful display of clothes.

The people can know that a wide shoulder padded suit is on the way again in this London fashion week. In the past, long skirts plus extra short skirts or long skirts plus short skirts. This year’s mid length shoulder padded suits and long skirts are more difficult to control. Besides, tight inside and high waist pants, simple and valiant. It’s much easier to control than a loose skirt. The most classic match is OL wind, long windbreaker and high heel shoes. In addition to shoulder pads, a big brand is strong on the shoulders, and TOGA has a cloak. Which style will be suitable for you after reading?

style of fashion

style of fashion

style of fashion



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